the ubuntudance project

On 12/29-30 2016 'Inner Reflections' made its appearance at the prestigious LA Art Show 2016 with attendance of over 60,000 people. The installation was up for two days and the full performance program was a great success once again.

This time we collaborated with the amazing Bunnie Reiss who created a fairy tale spectacle to match and contrast the urban surroundings.

The cast once again carried the audience on an unforgettable journey and we were thrilled to feel the audience connecting so intimately with the work.

'Inner Reflections' is our first repertory piece and we couldn't be more proud. It is also our first performance art installation and we are looking forward new developments and collaborations.

'inner reflections'

​a performance art installation

On September 3rd 2016, Ubuntudance presented its first short program at the Peace of Mind Art.Music. Soul Fest in Downtown Los Angeles. An exciting eclectic group of talent came together to participate at this truly soulful event.

Ubuntudance showcased their repertoire piece 'Inner Reflections', accompanied by a number of new work inspired by what we call the human experience.

The cast collaborated smoothly in creating a show charged with meaning and purpose. It was a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved and we are excited at the prospect to expand on Ubuntudance first ever show 'The Mirror Box - reflections on being'.

'Inner Reflections' is a performance art installation consisting in a 16x8x8ft mirror box: the long sides are composed by large two way mirror walls, the smaller facades are available for artistic collaborations. At Grand Park on NYE 2016 we were delighted to welcome artist & structure designer Michaela Devon Kary who created a multilevel piece resulting in a clever effect that offered an intriguing sense of depth.

When lit only on the outside, the complex is simply an irresistible mirror box, destined to attract the attention of today's selfie obsessed crowds. However, once to everyone surprise lights go on on the inside of the complex to reveal the performance, the effect created in one in which the spectator will witness dancers embodying different aspects of the human experience while still able to see their own reflection as a juxtaposition of sorts.

The theme of the performance is based on the relation between pain, change, fight & healing. Each dancer embodies one of these aspects within the journey from suffering to reconciliation. We all experience hurt & discomfort, addiction to our stories justifying often self destructive behavior. In order to move from such stagnant condition, we must endure change, transformation, chaos, loss.. To confront such change in our existence, we need to take on the role of the warrior, we must ready to fight inner & outer forces. Success will lead us to healing, nurturing & serenity, the true sense of strength. This piece is about this, the human journey towards a better tomorrow, the inescapable inner struggle to grow & how such force can unite us all through our reflection of one another.

Director Linda Borini, choreographed by Steph J, music by David Block.

This performance art installation is currently available for bookings and collaboration.

'peace of mind'

art. music. + soul fest


a site specific performance

On August 18th 2015, Ubuntudance participated on the much anticipated South Park Green Carpet Event that took place in Downtown Los Angeles in support of South Park improvement district BID 10 year anniversary. Ubuntudance presented a short program called 'Hope'. We welcomed the crowd humbly while stringing the entire street with a maze of colored ribbon as the guests were about to journey onto the first ever guided public art tour in the South Park neighborhood. Upon returning to the original point of departure, the crowd found the street completely transformed as we proceeded with a site specific performance developing across the maze. The spectacle was very well received & we are looking forward collaborating with the district in the future.

Director Linda Borini, choreographed by Christine Ivy, music by Tom Erba.

Currently in production, the 'Mirror Box' premiered in Los Angeles on 12/17/2016 at the Mimoda Studio, Hollywood. A short program of the production was performed on September 3rd at the Peace of Mind Art.Music. Soul Fest in Downtown Los Angeles with rave reviews. We are excited to be presenting our first solo show and extended program, currently available for bookings.

'The Mirror Box' is a journey into our ability to cope with our innate sense of humanity and how we interact with it socially. Some of the topics we explore are tolerance, equality, loss, competition, mental illness, body image, passion, choices.. Infused with spoken word poetry, live music, dance, acrobatics, performance and interactive theatre, this is a journey into our beautifully flawed design and the lyrical impression it leaves through the darkest acts of life.

'the mirror box'

a live production

In March 2016 we once again showcased 'Inner Reflections' as part of a entertainment program for a very elite private event in Los Angeles. This time we presented the piece without the structure and we are delighted to announce that it is beautifully touching as a stand alone dance number as well. The high profile industry crowd was very pleased with the program and 'Inner Reflections' was praised and largely talked about throughout the night. It was refreshing to discover how true art can find its space even in for of social entertainment. We are excited to offer an alternative to the usual for events such as these, Thank you Kimberly for wishing to have Ubuntudance perform on your special day.